You’ve just arrived at your first day of camp but there’s a problem… one of you is a bear!

BEARanoia is a game of paranoia, vigilante justice, and bears! It only takes 60 seconds to play a round, and there is a lot of growling…

The CAMPERS win if they kill the bear. The BEAR wins if somebody else is killed, or if the 60-second timer runs out. The BEAR CULTISTS want to martyr themselves and all of them win if one of them gets killed before time expires.

Remember, bears can’t talk! They can only growl and stuff. So identifying the bear will be easy! Or, rather, it WOULD be easy, if it weren’t for those stupid cultists gumming up the works.

There are lots of optional rules and roles built into the game too that can completely change how it all plays out. Sometimes there are even bears that can talk!

18 cards in a cute envelope

Designed by Jasmine Davis & Pete Butler

Art by Dennis Bennett

Plays: 3-15

Time: 1 minute

Ages: 6+