Decksistentialism is a social metagame that’s played whenever something else is going on: at the bar, game night, conventions, whatever. Cards have triggers on them based around simple things like “someone drops something” or “someone uses their phone to settle an argument” as well as darkly funny existential statements related to that trigger like “You cling to what pieces you can, burdened by the knowledge of that which you can never hold onto.” When someone sets off a trigger, they get passed the appropriate card. Players can choose how long to play for, and at the end, whoever has the fewest cards still loses (or wins if we’re being pedantic). Tragic hilarity ensues.


Expanded by: Decksistentialism: Game Night & Decksistentialism: Conventions

18 cards in a sad little envelope

Designed by Matt Fantastic & Alex Cutler

Plays: 3-lots

Time: until you die

Ages: 14+ (grim content)