Hey Girl, Hey…

Hey Girl Hey...

A Little Game of Consensual Stupidity

Start by passing this card to someone,

Hi there someone, you can just pass the card back if you don’t want to play…

Otherwise, play literally starts with this question “Hey Girl Hey, would it be ok with you if I made some stupid jokes about a serious issue?” The goal is to make each other laugh. That’s it. No points, no scoring; just jokes. Players simply throw out the most absurdest pick up lines they can think of. “Real” pick up lines are gross, so be careful you don’t just sound like a creep. Be weird. Be funny. Don’t be serious. This is fun and stupid and totally making fun of the entire idea of pick up lines.

The most important rule is that all participants are having a great time. There are no turns or requirements; a player can say one line or one hundred or none at all. Just don’t talk all over each other.

The safe word is “I’m not interested” If you’re playing and ever feel like you need it to end for any reason, say “I’m not interested” and everyone must immediately stop playing, check if you’re ok, and without any grumbling, questioning, or convincing, completely change the subject to anything other than this stupid game and move on.

Examples to get you going:
Hey girl hey,
…what’s your favorite type of triangle?
…do you believe in gravity?
…what’s super effective against grass type?
…who was the weakest Pope?

1 card

Designed by JR Honeycutt, Brian Neff, & Matt Fantastic

Plays: 2-10ish

Time: 5-15 mins

Ages: 13+

Free with any order or just ask for one if you see any of us.