Prankster’s Dilemma

This is a weird little RPG/LARP kinda thing Matt made for the awesome 200 Word RPG challenge. It was written entirely on a phone while sitting in the Suddenly Stoned booth at Cannabis Cup. Matt spelled dilemma wrong when he submitted it too, so if you search for it there look for “Prankster’s Dillema”.


All the players will need to be able to text one another, but otherwise you don’t need any dice or paper or anything to play it. We’ve left it at the 200 word count version, though maybe someday we’ll beef it up and explain things more. We’ve had a lot of fun with it so hopefully you will too…

Prankster’s Dilemma

Who put a goat in the cafeteria?!?! The morning after Senior Prank Day, someone is taking the fall…


One player is the Principal, trying to catch em all. The remaining players are Students, all of whom organized a prank but don’t want to be held back from graduating.


Three phases;


Pranks: Students each secretly send a text to another Student with a prank they organized and a random detail about it. Anyone who gets a text copies that text to the Principal, thus hiding the culprit but establishing a witness.


Planning: Everyone does whatever else outside of this game for the next hour+ (party, game, etc.) while Students pin down alibis and allies. When talking about anything in game, Students can ONLY communicate with other Students via texts.


Punishment: Eventually gather everyone together. The Principal tries to figure out blame, while Students try to get away with whatever they did. Players can say or do anything their character might.


After 15 mins of investigating the Principal assigns blame for all pranks. The Principal wins if they correctly blame more Students than they get wrong. Any Student who wasn’t correctly blamed also wins, but ONLY if the Principal has won too.