Study Hall Skirmish

Study Hall Skirmish

It’s the last hour of the school day, on a Friday, before a vacation, and there’s a substitute teacher in study hall. Of course a spitball fight breaks out … Players will buy classroom combat troops, set them up on the study hall battle grid, and wage furious pencil driven warfare!

Players take turns spending 12 troop points, buying and placing a single troop each turn. Troops are represented by unique symbols, cost the number of squares they cover, and each have an action as detailed in the troop chart. Troops can never move once they are placed.

Once all 12 points of troops have been placed, players will take turns using the actions of all of their available troops. Some troops are only available on some rounds, and destroyed troops can never take an action. The start player is whoever was most recently in detention. Rounds are tracked on the round chart with each player drawing half of an X in the current round box after they have acted, making a full X after both sides have gone.

To use an action, place your pencil tip on the acting troop, close your eyes, and draw a line – an action line – toward another troop. An action is successful if the action line touches another troop, affecting the first troop it touches (unless the troop’s description says differently). An action line doesn’t have to be ruler straight, but it must travel in what is generally a straight line. You can’t scribble or go all ziggy-zaggy.

When a troop is damaged, shade in one of its squares. It doesn’t matter which square gets shaded. Repairs work the same way, but you erase the damage from the affected troop. When a troop has all it’s squares shaded in, it is destroyed. If a troop has been destroyed it can still be repaired.

The first player to destroy all their opponent’s troops wins! If no one has won by the 24th round, whoever has taken the least damage wins.

You can buy a cool set from us, or download the PDF for free and make copies yourself, preferably for free at school or work when no one is paying attention!

20 single use pages in a totally rad hand designed envelope

Designed by Gordon LeVasseur

Art by Ian Applegate

Plays: 2

Time: 10-30 mins

Ages: 6+


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