U Mad Bro?

Important Update: U Mad Bro is under contract to be published by a much bigger company than Prettiest Princess, so we let our first edition go out of print. We’ll update this info when the official announcement is made by the publisher. And when we remember to…

U Mad Bro?

Cthulhu awakens at the bottom of the ocean, promptly dies from pollution, and his corpse washes up on the Jersey shore. You’re a boardwalk bro looking to impress some babes, but they are demanding you grab some tentacles off that nasty dome and don’t care about the stuffed banana you won at ring toss! Keep grabbing tentacles until you either give up or go crazy in this pub style push your luck card game.


19 cards in a cute envelope

Designed by Matt Fantastic

Art by Ali thome

Plays: 2-5

Time: 10-15 mins

Ages: 6+

First Prettiest Princess Edition is out of print.